What are we going to do in the workshop?

October 27 at 6:30 we will make a pumpkin arrangement, which can then be used to decorate the space inside the house or use it outside

Can I take it with me?

Yes, of course, all materials are included in the price and the wreath can be taken home with you.

Do i need to bring something with me?

No, all the necessary stuff for the job will be on site.

What clothes are better to choose for work at the master class?

Any comfortable clothes, dark shades, since we have to work with dyed materials, there is a possibility of contamination.

How long does the workshop take?

We usually finish within 3 hours, but it can be some delay.

Can i make changes to the design?

A certain amount of working material is provided for each participant. Despite this, the design of each participant will still be somewhat different. However, you can make changes to your design, the teacher will help you do the job well.