How to keep daisies in a vase longer

How to keep daisies in a vase longer

What could be more beautiful than a bouquet of daisies in a vase, standing on your table or shelf at home? Many girls admit that the touching field daisy (another name is matricaria) is dearer to them than roses, tulips and orchids. Contrary to the stereotype, both field and garden daisies in a vase can remain fresh for a long time if they are provided with the necessary care.

Let's figure out how much daisies cost in water at different times of the year, how to care for daisies in a vase so that they last longer at home and remain fresh for 2-3 weeks. To do this, you need to study the needs of this flower: how to feed it, how to prune it? Daisies in a vase are much more capricious than in the ground, but it is entirely within our power to extend their life.

Before we learn how to preserve daisies in a vase for three weeks or even a whole month, let's make sure that these are the flowers we are giving. Indeed, very often, to revive an all-season bouquet and create a naive “chamomile” image, florists use other plants! Nobody supplies real wildflowers to stores, because their lifespan is not long at all. Usually we deal with garden analogues.

Mono-bouquets of spray daisies

These wild plants produce airy compositions that look like fragrant clouds that retain the warmth of the sun. They remain fresh in a vase for up to three weeks if you prune them every 2 days and refresh the water.

Large varietal daisies

Garden daisies in a vase at home look even warmer and more cheerful than in a flower bed. You need to take care of them carefully: trim them, change the water every day and do not place them near heat sources.

Fine santini

A very beautiful variety, different from the field variety, but it lasts a long time in a vase (from 3 weeks) and does not require special attention. Bouquets with santini enliven the interior, but do not take it into a country style.

White bush chrysanthemums

These beauties do not need to prolong their life: the chrysanthemum itself retains freshness for up to 1 month, helping to create a summer mood at any time of the year. In the photo it’s really not always noticeable that this is a chrysanthemum, so when ordering flowers online you need to read the product description very carefully.

How to choose camomiles?

How much do field daisies cost in a vase? This directly depends on how fresh the flowers are. Only freshly cut daisies will last long in a vase (the photo on the cover can be used as a guide for choosing the freshest flowers). They won’t have to be urgently resuscitated and brought back to life if you forget to change the water or trim the stems: fresh flowers will withstand these care flaws.

If you buy flowers yourself at a retail florist store, pay attention to the following nuances:

- Strong stem, without black spots and signs of rotting.
- There are no leaves on the stem except the very top ones. The leaves are juicy, green, not limp.

- The buds are half-open, fresh, with a pale green or greenish-yellow core: this means that the flowers have bloomed recently and will remain fresh for a long time. - Brown, brown or dark yellow cores indicate that the flower is no longer so fresh.

- At the base of the buds and in the sepals there are no signs of infection with putrefactive bacteria or traces of insects.
- The vase or bucket in which the matricaria stand in the store should contain clean, clear water, without leaves floating in it, and without an unpleasant “swampy” smell.

How to care?

To keep daisies in a vase for a long time, you need to follow a few simple rules.

Preparing the bouquet
Only two procedures are required here: removing leaves from the stem and updating the cut. It is necessary that not a single leaf ends up in the water along with the stems - this will cause the water to rot faster and the flowers will die.

To prune the stems, you need to place the plants on the table and use a clean knife or pruning shears to cut off no more than 1 cm of the stem at a 45-degree angle. Even if you saw the flowers cut in the florist shop where you bought them, you still need to repeat these steps at home.

Which vase should I put the daisies in?
You will need a fairly spacious container, roomy and with a wide neck. It would be great if the vase with daisies was opaque, made of clay or concrete.

Wildflowers do not like crowded conditions and are quite greedy for water, so the water will need to be changed once every 2 days.

What kind of water do daisies like?
Neither ice nor warm water is suitable for wildflowers. It is better to use settled water at room temperature or slightly cooler.

Top dressing
This point is optional: fresh matricaria will last 2-3 weeks without feeding. However, if you want to be on the safe side, add an aspirin tablet or activated charcoal to the water. This will be quite enough to create a barrier to harmful bacteria. But feeding with sugar is far from the best idea, since sugar actually creates a breeding ground for bacteria.

Where to put a bouquet of daisies?
Of course, they beg to be in the sun, but it is better not to place any cut flowers in direct sunlight. A slightly shaded corner on a table or windowsill is the best place for wildflowers.

Answers on questions

Should daisies be trimmed?
Yes, like all other cut flowers, when brought home, Matricaria should be trimmed at an angle of 45 degrees by about 1 cm before being placed in a vase with water for the first time. Then you will need to trim the stems every 2-3 days.

Who do they give daisies to?
The main thing about this flower is its simplicity and sincerity. This composition will definitely please a loved one - a mother, a bride, a daughter, as well as those who value honesty and naturalness in everything. Even glamorous divas are sometimes ready to break away from the deliberate shine and admire this naive bouquet.

How many daisies should you give?
There is a rule: the larger the buds, the fewer there can be. Large daisies can be given as 7, 9 or 15, but small bushy matricarias are best given as a whole armful.

How to properly place daisies in a vase?
First of all, you need to leave the stems completely bare, without leaves. Then cut the stems at an angle of 45 degrees. And most importantly, you don’t need to put them in a too cramped vase. Wildflowers do not tolerate being cramped in a vase, so choose a jar or pot with a wide mouth.

What do daisies mean in a bouquet?
This is a symbol of warmth, sun, as well as sincere love and fidelity. An excellent gift for your spouse with whom you have been together for a long time, or for your mother - as a sign of your sincere care and tenderness.

Why do daisies wither quickly?
The reason for the wilting of any cut flowers is the beginning of the process of rotting. To prevent plants from wilting, you need to tear off all the leaves before placing the flowers in water. You can add a couple of crushed tablets of activated carbon - and be sure to change the water every 1-2 days and carefully trim the stems with clean pruning shears.

Is it possible to give a girl daisies?
Of course, these are quite suitable flowers for a romantic date or your loved one’s birthday. However, first you should find out what her tastes and interests are.

What does it mean if a girl loves daisies?
Some psychologists claim that girls who confess their love for daisies have a strong, complex and stubborn character. They try to seem open and simple, but inside they are ambitious, distrustful, really need approval and can achieve almost anything with their work.

How long do daisies live in a vase?
With proper care, these flowers do not wither for about 2 weeks, but they can last longer if you keep them in comfortable conditions, in relative coolness, and also change their water.

How long can chamomile live without water?
No longer than 3–4 hours! Therefore, you should immediately think about how you will deliver the bouquet to the recipient. Pay special attention to fast delivery from flower shops: for example, on Flowwow you can order a bouquet of wildflowers, which will be delivered in 30–40 minutes, and the daisies will definitely not have time to wilt.

When do you give a bouquet of daisies?
At the beginning of July, Russia celebrates the Day of Love, Family and Fidelity. The symbol of the holiday is chamomile, and in July the season of its flowering begins, supplies from local gardeners increase. Wildflower season lasts until the end of August, so if you are late in July, you can get your gift before the end of summer.

How are chrysanthemums different from daisies?
In fact, these are two very different plants that are not even related. However, the white bush chrysanthemum looks very similar to a large garden chamomile. The main advantages of chrysanthemums are their durability (they retain their beauty in a vase for up to 30 days), relatively low cost and availability. Chrysanthemums also come in yellow and purple, and this helps greatly diversify the bouquet.

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