How to care for a bouquet of chrysanthemums in a vase so that they last longer

How to care for a bouquet of chrysanthemums in a vase so that they last longer

Choosing a vase for chrysanthemums

It's funny, but in order for chrysanthemums to last longer in a vase, it must be correct. Firstly, it is roomy enough: chrysanthemums like to drink a lot of water, so a good container for them is wide, about half the length of the stem.

Secondly, with a wide throat: asters do not tolerate crowding, so the stems do not need to touch.

Thirdly, the ideal material for a vase is ceramic or glass. In plastic, the stems sweat, and bacteria develop faster and provoke the process of rotting. Gardeners especially love glass vases because they immediately show when it’s time to change the water.

How to prune chrysanthemums correctly?
We take out the bouquet and rinse the stems under running cold water.
Place it on a clean surface and cut it with a very sharp knife or pruning shears slightly at an angle (not 45 degrees, but about 60). If the cut angle is sharp, it will bend under the weight of the flower.
We split the thick stem: we make a couple of shallow longitudinal cuts - this way the flowers will definitely absorb moisture for a long time and successfully.
That's it, now the flowers can be returned to their place.

How much water does a chrysanthemum need in a vase?
This flower is a known water drinker, so fill the vase at least two-thirds full. Just tear off all the lower leaves of the plant, otherwise the bouquet will quickly begin to rot. Over the course of two to three days, monitor how the moisture level decreases: this way you will understand how much water to pour into the vase with chrysanthemums after the next trimming.

What water should I put chrysanthemums in?
First of all, well-settled: these flowers are very sensitive to chemical impurities. Let the water stand for at least 2 hours. In addition, in warm moisture, chrysanthemums will quickly begin to bloom and fly around, so you can add a few ice cubes directly to the container with the bouquet.

How to put flowers in a vase correctly?
The only condition: the stems should not be in close contact: this can injure them. Do not forget to trim the flowers before placing them in water, even if they have already been trimmed at the flower salon today.

What to add to a vase of chrysanthemums?
In fact, if you were given fresh flowers, they don't need anything other than cold, clean water. Sugar, vinegar and other “folk” remedies will only be superfluous. But a chrysanthemum will never refuse a couple of ice cubes. You can also add a bag of regular rizal, a universal food for cut bouquets, if you have very large flowers that have not fully bloomed.

Where to put a bouquet with chrysanthemums?
First of all, it is not very beneficial for bright flowers to remain in direct sunlight: the petals begin to fade. Then, you should not place a bouquet of chrysanthemums in a vase over a hot radiator - it will dry out instantly.


Constant care of the bouquet at home

The answer to the question of how much chrysanthemums cost in a vase at home directly depends on how you care for them.

Step 1. Rinse the vase. Rinse it thoroughly from the inside using a clean brush, without detergents, or with a drop of Fairy if you notice plaque.

Step 2. Pour fresh water. As they wrote before, settled, soft, with ice.

Step 3: Carefully trim the stems at a 45-degree angle. The correct way to do this is with a very sharp and clean knife or pruning shears. You don’t have to disinfect the tool, but you definitely need to clean it of grease and soil, and then rinse it with running water.

Step 4. Place the flowers in the vase and check that the stems are not lying on top of each other.

If it seems to you that the bouquet has become difficult to drink water, you can split the thick stem lengthwise a couple of centimeters. This will extend the life of the bouquet for a few more days.

How to revive chrysanthemums in a vase
Chrysanthemums have begun to fade: how to keep the bouquet in the vase for at least a few more days? Fortunately, this is quite possible: there are a number of proven recipes on how to extend the life of chrysanthemums in a vase.

What can I do to make chrysanthemums bloom faster?
Strictly speaking, there is no point in rushing the buds: they will definitely open if you have created comfortable conditions for them. But if you are sure that you have waited long enough, and now you need to help the chrysanthemums open, you can resort to three simple rules:

Spray the buds with cool mineral water without gas.
Add "Crysal" or other universal fertilizer.
Do not add ice: let the water be at room temperature.


Answers on questions

Why do chrysanthemums in a vase wither?
Most likely, they are too warm and dry. Check if you have placed the bouquet next to a working radiator or convector heater. You can spray the flowers with a spray bottle a couple of times a week.

How long do chrysanthemums live in a vase?
These are super resilient flowers! If you water them well, they will last up to 4 weeks. To keep the flowers fresh even longer, add a couple of ice cubes to the vase and occasionally spray the buds with cool water.

How to revive a dried chrysanthemum?
You can try the sealing technique. Prepare a container with very cold water (about 5 degrees) and very hot water (80–90 degrees). There should be enough moisture of both types so that only the tips of the stems are in it. First put the flowers in a hot bath for literally 2 minutes, then transfer them to an ice bath, after 2 minutes take them out, cut off the blackened ends of the stems and place them in a vase with plain water (room temperature) for flowers.

How to solder a chrysanthemum correctly?
This is one of those flowers that are delivered “dry”, without water, so the bouquet of chrysanthemums needs to be watered: put in well-settled cold water (about 10 degrees) for 2-3 hours and only then returned to the vase.

Do I need to remove flowers from the packaging?
Even very elegant packaging can injure the stems and prevent them from absorbing water normally, so it is definitely better to remove the rigid cellophane and carefully untie or cut the ribbons.

Why does chrysanthemum fall off?
Most likely, the flower was simply cut off quite a long time ago. Before purchasing, test the plants for quality: turn them over and shake the composition slightly. If the petals do not fall off, it means the flowers are fresh enough.

What doesn't chrysanthemum like?
Cut flowers are most sensitive to warm water: even room temperature is too high for them, so the water must be clean, well settled so that all chemical impurities evaporate from it, and preferably cold (for this, add ice cubes). Stagnation of dirty liquid is also destructive for chrysanthemums: do not forget to update the water at least every 2 days.

How to dry a bouquet of chrysanthemums?
Vertical drying is best suited for these flowers: we select beautiful, undamaged buds, collect them in a bunch and hang them with their heads down in a well-ventilated area away from direct sunlight. The room where the flowers are located should be cool rather than hot. The bouquet will dry completely within 2-3 weeks, after which they can be stabilized with a special floral varnish. Chrysanthemums can also be dried in the microwave.

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